Stone Flower
  Mostly eaten in soups and salads, this spice of India is good pain reliver, heals the wounds quickly due to its bitter taste, helps in treatment of skin problems created due to cold potency, acts as expectorant, antibiotic and astringent. It has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and also helps to relieve pain when applied on head.
Amla Lin Seeds
Aniseed Mujenta Lumps
Basil Multani Lumps
Caraway seeds Multani Matti
Camomile Flowers Mulethi
Dil Seeds Miramiya
Dandussa/Deyrum Potash alum
Dry Lime Ratnajot
Gadbeech Rachad
Hibiscus Rosemary
Himej Stone Flower
Hurda Senna Leaves/Pods
Ispaghol Safflower
Kalunji Star Aniseed