Soya Beans
  It contains all the essential amino acids (it is a complete protein) and is the closest vegetable protein to meat - which is why it is popular with vegans and vegetarians alike. Soya beans are an excellent source of high quality protein, containing all the amino acids found in milk and meat.
Beans Popcorn
Black Eyed Beans Red Chowli
Chick Peas Split Red Kidney Beans
Chick Peas Whole Red Rice Beans
Green Lentils Red Speckled Beans
Green Peas Sago Seeds
Hamburg Lupins Sesame Seeds
Jaris Sesame Seeds Black
Kalunji/ Onion Seeds Soya Bean Wadi
Flax / Lin Seeds Soya Beans
Moong Whole Split Faba Beans
Rice Flakes White Alubia Beans
Pinto Beans White Broad Beans