Ajwain Seeds
  Lots of medicinal value. Prevents bad breath. Helps in digestion. Provides relief in bronchities as well as asthma. A home remedy for stuffed nose is to put a handful of seeds in a handkerchief, wrap so none drop out and put on a hot plate for few seconds then put on chest, nose and back of the suffering person.
Ajwain Seeds Oregano
Asafoetida Paprika Powder
Bay Leaves Rape Seeds
Black Pepper Red Chilly Crushed
Cardamom Powder Red Chilly Powder
Cassia Red Chilly Whole
Charoli Rose Flower
Cummin Seeds Saffron Filament Type
Fennel Seeds Summak
Fenugreek Seeds Tamarind Paste
Ginger Whole Bleached Turmeric Whole
Ginger Whole White Pepper Powder
Green Cardamom Powder White Pepper Whole
Mace ( avantri) Yellow Chilli Powder
Mustard Seeds Zaatar